Choosing tiles for your home

Choosing tiles for your home may be very daunting from selecting the right tile size, different designs, texture finishes, ceramic or porcelain, and colour options. Designing an aesthetically pleasing space is key. Here are a few guidelines to assist you when making a decision.


Choose a tile that will compliment your home, is your homeclassic, rustic, modern or contemporary in design.


The function of your space will determine your tile selection, identify the use of the area is it light, moderate or high traffic.


Choose a tile depending on the size of your area, small areas will need smaller tiles, larger tiles will make a room more spacious. Always select a tile size that needs the least amount of cutting.


Ceramic tiles cost less than porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles are stronger than ceramic tiles and are more durable, ceramic tiles should be considered by their specifications as durability will vary among ceramic tiles. Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are available for both wall and floor. Wall tiles may not be used to tile your floors they are not durable. Floor tiles may be used for both wall and floor due to their durability.


Colour selection is a personal choice based on the mood you would like to create in the space, choose light colours to make a small or dark space larger and brighter, choose a matte finish to create a natural appeal or gloss tiles for an easy clean silky look. Wood look tiles are trending, easier to clean and waterproof offering an alternative to real wood.


Grout is available in different colours, choose the right grout shade to compliment your tiles.


Ask our sales team for tile advise and design ideas.

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